Message from God the Father to all of humanity—received by ‘The Disciple’; 12:00 PM. February 28th, 2017

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4 marzo, 2017
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8 marzo, 2017

Message from God the Father to all of humanity—received by ‘The Disciple’; 12:00 PM. February 28th, 2017

Examine the Effect-Cause or Cause-Effect

The times of the Holy Wrath are upon you.  The Holy Wrath of the Father approaches swiftly, for rebelliousness and disobedience are everywhere and there is no one that does good. 

This vast humanity is strayed.  I cannot wait any longer, it is the time of My Justice in My Space.

What could appease My Wrath and My Anger? It will be as the lye used by the tanner.

Woe to those who think that the Day of Yahweh will be a day of light and peace. The severity of My Justice will embrace everything. It will be a consuming fire that will turn everything into ashes, moaning and wailing upon the Earth, rocks will break apart and there will be thunder and thunderstorm.

My Justice is Holy and It must be exalted for the Earth will suffer in a great way the time of the transformation as a great tumor that has to be expelled; I Yahweh will do this with My own Power and with My Word.

The remedy to all evil in the world and to all the sins of men is My Holy and Perfect Justice, but everything within the order of My Love; My Love of Father now covers the world as the Blood of Christ, My Beloved Son has covered it.

Because of the rejection of My Son by men, because of the rejection of the Cross and His Blood, because of the rejection of His Wounds and His Call of Love this world and this generation have fallen into darkness and deceit and error.

This generation has become a burden difficult to carry since nobody loves penance and sacrifice anymore.

An anathema falls upon this generation for Its Creator will hold it accountable for the innocent blood shed, cry to Me faithless generation that through praise and true adoration My Wrath will be appeased.

The foundations of the world, the core that holds it will sound shaken, the stars will fall from the sky and the thunder and roaring of the sea waves will be great, the elements will fuse and men on Earth will be terrified, for I Yahweh has spoken and you, My creatures have covered your ears with your hands!

It is the time of awe to My Justice since I Yahweh have spoken to deliver judgment upon this generation. Oh humanity you have told your God: “Talk to me no more, for You frighten us!” Are you afraid? of what? Of whom? Am I not Who guards you My People? Am I not Your maker? Do I not give what you need?

I forgive you your mistakes oh humanity, but do not forgive your doubts and mistrusts. Do you want to make amends to Me? See My Heart, the Heart of your Father who is Love.  I Yahweh do not understand any other language than that which comes out of the heart. How much pleases to your God the prayer born within the heart; it is the heart of each one of My children My Own Heart.

Woe to those who think that there is no Hell. Woe to those who waste their days in the complacence of the senses and sins of the flesh.

Cry to Me through praise, for My Just Wrath is upon the cities and nations.

Thus saith Yahweh. Oh people of My Promises, raise your heads and look to the ground no more where you shall return. Am I not Your maker? Open your eyes so you can see the ruin that is coming to where the victim souls of My Perfect Justice are.

I AM THAT I AM, and in Me there is no deceit. I AM the God of Truth. Do not be confused nor be afraid of the thunders and My Divine Justice, walk now as Israel in the search of the Promised Land, I Yahweh will guide you through My Word.

Ah humanity you have no more time.  I AM executing My Justice in the world. All the cities and nations must adore Me in Spirit and truth. I AM the God of the infinite, I AM the God who does not change, I will always be Love and Justice. Prostrate before Me and humbly ask for forgiveness of your mistakes and disobediences.

The One who is the Almighty has spoken, receive My Blessing.